Corporate Social Responsibility:

KaBrigada Foundation, Inc.

Four Hearts of Service

WE ARE BRIGADA because we believe that we can make a big difference and we can make change happen. It is our source of pride and happiness, way beyond any remuneration, that we are helping other people and our society, in general, because we work through our hearts, not mind; and Service Is Our Passion.

As we embody and dedicate ourselves in serving others, we shall be more focused on how many lives we have touched and inspired; how many patients we have helped and how many people we have given hope.

January - Nat’l Zero Waste Month
March - World Wildlife Day
April - Int’l Earth Day
May - Month of the Ocean
June - World Environment Month
July - Nat'l Disaster Consciousness Month
September - Int'l Coastal Clean-Up Week
November - Clean Air Month
November - Nat'l Climate Change Consciousness Week
• Tree Planting
• Community-wide Recycling Event
• Community Clean Up Drive
• Sponsor schools and community-based environment activities
• Help local groups/communities implement environment projects
January - Nat'l Deworming Month (Pre-school and School-age Children)
February - Philippine Heart Month
March -
April - World Health Day
May - World No tobacco Week
June - Dengue Awareness Month
July - Nutrition Month
August - Family Planning Month
October - Nat’l Elderly Week
November - Nat’l Children’s Week
December - World AIDS Day
• Organize school and community- based feeding programs
• Conduct nutrition education activities and medical missions
• Conduct a free health clinic
• Conduct Zumba activities, Fun Runs, and other activities
• Conduct awareness campaign and activities regarding prevalent health issues in yourcommunity
• Wheelchair donation and blood-letting activities
May - Int’l Family Day
May - Mothers’ Day
June - Fathers’ Day
June - Safe Kids Week
July - Family Earthquake Preparedness Week
August - Family Planning Month
August - Nat’l Breastfeeding Awareness Month
October - Nat’l Elderly Week
October - Global Handwashing Month
November - Nat’l Children’s Month
November - Nat’l Population Week
• Swine raising
• Sponsor a small-scale or alternative income-generating livelihood seminar
• Sponsor a Jobs Fair
• Partner with your local Public Employment Service Office (PESO), DOLE, DTI and other government agencies
• Sponsor a livelihood seminar with TESDA and DOLE
March - Graduation Month
May - Labor Day